I remember when I was 10 years old, I always watch a man playing an unusual music instrument along the street. It has a good sound and he plays it so good. Many people were amazed by his musical talent and were stunned by his skill. People gave him money as an exchange for his good performance and gave him a round of applause. Performing outside the street is his way of living. He was not quite old but the way I look at him I think he’s almost 50 years old.
One time I approached him and asked what kind of instrument he plays. He said the instrument was called harmonica. It sounds like a flute but its sound is more gentle and relaxing to hear. I asked him how he learned playing it and he told me that it was his grandfather who taught him to play harmonica. His harmonica is made of some metal element and it really looks old. He said that the antique brass harmonica was given to him by his grandfather when he was still a kid.

He asked me if I would like to learn how to play harmonica and I immediately said yes. That was the start of my friendship with him. Every day, before going home from school, I pass by the street where he performs. After his show, he teaches me how to play harmonica until I learned playing it well. He thought me to play the classic song “Moon River”.


Though I already learn how to play the instrument, I still became closer to him; it was like I become his only family because he has no one with him. During weekends I visit him in his house where we used to play harmonica together and have conversations about life and everything under the sun. He watched me grow up and face the world until I become enough man.

After my high school graduation, I needed leave and pursue my study in a university. I promised him that I’ll send him letters and I’ll visit him from time to time. But our exchange of letters lasted only for 1 year and little by little I seldom send him letters until I fail to keep our communication. When I graduated college, I came back to my hometown to visit my family and visit him as well.

Before heading straight home, I decided that I would visit him first because I lost communication with him for a very long time. I was excited to see him, but when I arrived at the street where he used to perform, it was empty. I went his house but nobody’s answering when I knock on his door. I tried to push the door and it was open.
Antique Chair
As I enter the house, I started calling his name but silence is still covering the place. He’s not there. I can’t find him everywhere. I saw the antique chair where he used to sit every time I visit him and on the top of it was his harmonica.

There was a letter on the table, I read it and my tears began to flow like a river. I found out that he failed to send me letters because he got sick. He never wanted medication; instead he just waited for his time to leave the world. He said in his letter that whenever he thinks of me, he just play his harmonica and wishes that I can hear it. My heart was torn apart that very moment.

I lost a father and a friend. I sat on the chair and started to play “Moon River” as my way of remembering him. As I play the harmonica… the memories we had together came back. He did not only teach me how to play an instrument... he also taught me how to be a strong and good man, he made me appreciate life. He was one of the reasons why I became who I am. And I’ll always remember him for the rest of my life.

A Timeless Watch

Time is the most important element in a person’s life. Like what they say, “you can’t turn back the time” so every second of it should not be wasted. Time can also be playful or helpful. As time is valued as it is in this world, the great human mind made “clocks” as a representation for every individual’s time. Even before, ancient people have their own way on distinguishing time. Today, there’s no place in the world where you could not find any clocks. Time is timeless but irreversible. Maybe this is the reason why clocks belong in the abiding collection of antiques.
Antique Pocket Watch
As wristwatches started to enter the world of clocks, pocket watches became almost obsolete. Some of them can only be purchase in antiques mall. As wristwatches made a break through clock history, pocket watches started to become the most wanted collectible old watch of clock collectors because of its elegant and unique style.

Pocket watch is one of the sought-after items today; especially those who were made by two of the famous pocket watch manufacturers during the late 19th century, Elgin and Waltham.

Pocket watches are usually associated with wealth and prestige during 1500’s. Before wristwatches came, pocket watches were the popular type of watch.

Way back in late 19th century it is known as railroad watches and was used for railroads that needed precise time pieces so their locomotive engineers could maintain strict schedules and avoid collisions.

Pocket watches are made of steel, and the plates are made of different kinds of brass, most commonly nickel brass also known as nickel plate. The gears are usually made of antique brass, but some were made of steel and gold.
Wrist Watches

Because time has an important role in every human being’s life, collectors appreciate how clocks evolve from bygone era up to this present age. With this, many collectors today spend their money and time to collect different kinds of old watches including the pocket watch.

“Its over, I don’t want to hurt you but I’m not happy being with you anymore”.

In any kind of games, if we feel bored and found no happiness anymore in playing, what do we do? We quit, right? Just like in any relationships, if we found no happiness anymore we tend to quit and find other things that will eventually bring us happiness again.


"Its over, I don’t want to hurt you but I’m not happy being with you anymore”. These are the last words I remember coming from his mouth three months ago since we broke up. Really? He doesn’t want to hurt me anymore? But what made him say these words which actually hurt me and constantly brought tears to my eyes? Hearing those words, I felt I was talking to a stranger. I was once drowning from my own fears, completely empty and down. So many questions formed. Why is this happening? Isn’t that we love each other? Isn’t happy being together? What about us? What about our promises? What about our plans? What about me? The feeling is so peculiar. I want to run, I want to escape. I want to go to a place that no one knows me.

7:00pm, I am busy packing up my things, ready to go to the office when something catches my attention. At the very corner of my room placed an antique cabinet. That antique cabinet reminded me of someone, a man that brought so much happiness but eventually seclusion to me, a man that taught me to be a willed and stronger woman.

Antique Cabinet
Antiques Mall

I met Hans in an antiques mall. I use to go there to buy unusual antique stuffs. I love antique things though. When we were officially girlfriends and boyfriends we decided to buy an antique cabinet where we put all the paraphernalia related to us. We bought it on our first monthsary.

Meeting him had changed my life. I never thought that I would date a man like him; a man who is very different in personality from me. Throughout the two years we've been together, loving him changed my existence because I have found out more characteristics in me that I never knew I had. I get to experienced different activities and been to many events that I have never been engaged before. I never thought I would affiance in a relationship that had caused a tremendous effect on me which lead to a sorrow yet a significant ending. I learned that not everything that you wanted is always meant to be yours. Somehow you lose. But when you lose, there will come a better one that deserve more than anything.